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ABOUT ILO (ee-l-o) Eagle Cap Wilderness backpackEagle Cap Wilderness backpack

Born in Hamburg (Altona), Germany I spent my early years inspecting everything from the ground to the sky, life on a farm. I landed in the USA, fumbled in the suburbs and cut my teeth on gritty Manhattan.

I spent more than fifteen years in the Cable TV industry wearing a corporate hat working for entertainment giants like Viacom and Showtime. From 1995 to 2010 I ran my own business “creating” professional websites and software applications, with a focus on nonprofits and giving back. I have a long history in technology and throughout the years I’ve worked extensively with other people’s “images”.

In 2009 I transitioned into the business of photography. Mostly self-taught, I have a wealth of courses and workshops under the tutorage of professional photographers to enhance my technical and creative skill sets. Every day for me is a study in this fine art of photography. I draw heavily on the best practices garnered from professional organizations, industry experts and years of running my own business. My work has shown around Seattle, in a number of galleries, has won awards and has been published in print and online.

Key ingredients in the success soup are knowing my clients and having a thorough understanding of their
projects. Be it a stunning landscape, the beautiful lines of an architectural masterpiece, or the worn, weathered
lines on a homeless man's face — the goal, always, is to create the best images possible — images that fully represent and support your mission.

When not on assignment I indulge in personal projects and exploring all the Pacific Northwest has to offer. My number one passion is the soul-quenching rejuvenation that comes from backpacking trips into the mountains, desert plains and coastal regions.


Over my various careers I have worked extensively in the nonprofit sector - everything from building custom outcome measurement software to small/large robust websites to hand-holding through technical challenges. With respect to my photographic work I have come to adopt one or two nonprofits each year in order to give back to my community and organizations I believe in. In-kind donations support the creation of professional images for fundraising efforts covering annual galas and other events that depict a nonprofit's mission.


South Sound Blues Association
Web & Technology Services, acting Secretary, Membership co-chair
Cause: Arts and Culture

Guinea Kids Education Fund
Cause: Education in Africa

National Association of Women Business Owners
Technology Chair (NAWBO/LI)
Cause: Economic Empowerment

Glen Cove Youth Board
Program Chair
Cause: Children

Kiwanis Club International
Secretary (Glen Cove Chapter)
Cause: Social Services

Suffolk County Women's Business Enterprise Coalition
Cause: Economic Empowerment

InterAgency Council of Glen Cove
Technical Advisor (collaborative of 48+ community nonprofit organizations)
Cause: Social Services