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ABOUT ILO (ee-l-o) Eagle Cap Wilderness backpackEagle Cap Wilderness backpack

Born in Hamburg (Altona), Germany I spent my early years inspecting everything from the ground to the sky, life on a farm. I landed in the USA, fumbled in the suburbs and cut my teeth on gritty Manhattan.

I spent more than fifteen years in the Cable TV industry wearing a corporate hat working for entertainment giants like Viacom and Showtime. From 1995 to 2010 I ran my own business “creating” professional websites and software applications, with a focus on nonprofits and giving back. I have a long history in technology and throughout the years I’ve worked extensively with other people’s “images”.

In 2009 I transitioned into the business of photography. Mostly self-taught, I have a wealth of courses and workshops under the tutorage of professional photographers to enhance my technical and creative skill sets. Every day for me is a study in this fine art of photography. I draw heavily on the best practices garnered from professional organizations, industry experts and years of running my own business. My work has shown around Seattle, in a number of galleries, has won awards and has been published in print and online.

Key ingredients in the success soup are knowing my clients and having a thorough understanding of their
projects. Be it a stunning landscape, the beautiful lines of an architectural masterpiece, or the worn, weathered
lines on a homeless man's face — the goal, always, is to create the best images possible — images that fully represent and support your mission.

When not on assignment I indulge in personal projects and exploring all the Pacific Northwest has to offer. My number one passion is the soulful nourishment that comes from backpacking trips into the mountains, desert plains and coastal regions.


South Sound Blues Association
Web & Technology Services, acting Secretary, Membership co-chair
Cause: Arts and Culture

Guinea Kids Education Fund
Cause: Education in Guinea, West Africa

National Association of Women Business Owners
Technology Chair (NAWBO/LI)
Cause: Economic Empowerment

Glen Cove Youth Board
Program Chair
Cause: Children Empowerment

Kiwanis Club International
Secretary (Glen Cove Chapter)
Cause: Social Services

Suffolk County Women's Business Enterprise Coalition
Cause: Economic Empowerment

InterAgency Council of Glen Cove
Technical Advisor (collaborative of 48+ community nonprofit organizations)
Cause: Social Services