Hiking Teanaway Ridge

Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest, Cle Elum Ranger District -- Snoqualmie Region
6.0 miles RT / 1900 gain / 5489 total elevation

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Teanaway Ridge views (0178)Teanaway Ridge views (0178)

My first time doing Teanaway Ridge and not disappointed. It was a beautiful weather day, perfect for a day hike. The road in was just a tad bumpy with some water running over it about 200 yards from the trailhead. It seemed passable but we chose to park at one of the turnouts just before it.

I thought for a Saturday this popular hike would be jammed with people but surprisingly it wasn't. There were about 12 cars altogether (turnout and trailhead) yet we only encountered a few people on the trail. The trail does junction off at about 1.8 miles - left to Iron Bear (#1351), right to Teanaway Ridge (#1364) - we went right to Teanaway.

I went with the Seattle Hiking Meetup Group and there were 10 people in our party. However it never once felt crowded. Everyone went at their own pace so we split up a number of times going from 2-3 in a group to solo.

The hike itself was a good grunt for me with the elevation gain in some parts but very doable. I carried my multiday pack with about 20 lbs to start the season (in full backpacking regalia I've managed to get it down to 43 lbs, still working on that!).

There were lots of wildflowers and beautiful views from many points on the trail. At the top of Teanaway Ridge the entire snow-covered mountain range was in view with my all-time favorite Mount Stuart head in the clouds. We ate, photographed and explored a bit at the top then headed back down after about an hour. I would have liked to stay longer to just linger and quench my soul with the views. No regrets, will do it again. Note to self - bring your own car to the trailhead :)