Wynoochee Lake Shore Trail & Dam Project

April 5, 2016. I love that I get to show the love I have for the amazing wild things here in the PNW. Had a great day documenting trail issues with the Mountaineers for the USFS. Also got to feed my industrial self with a tour of the Wynoochee Dam Project (TPU), yes!

Wynoochee Lake Shore Trail (in the Olympic National Forest) is a beautiful trail with mossy trees, some impressive old growth giants and the lovely Maindenhair Trail waterfall. Wynoochee doesn't see much traffic because it's about 30 miles north of Montesano, off the beaten path. All the more reason to love it. In addition to the tranquil trails peppered with secluded campsites the lake itself has excellent fishing for Steelhead, Coho and Rainbow.

For the hardcore conditioners this is a flat trail, no elevation. Perfect for an in-and-out or a 16-mile loop around the lake. NOTE: the trail has lots of downed trees and other issues that need addressing, but most of it is passable. The goal is for our documentation to pave the way for those issues to be addressed.

View the GAIA GPS track (best in Safari or Chrome).

Wynoochee Lake Shore Trail #878 (USDA)

Happy Trails, Ilona

Mountaineers (L-R: Doug, Ilona, Monty, Mike). Photo © Joe Natterer. © Ilona Berzups. Sampling of day at Wynoochee.