Backpacking Bean Creek Basin & Bean Peak in Teanaway

Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forests -- Salmon La Sac/Teanaway -- Cle Elum Ranger District (OWNF)
6.51 miles RT / +2771 (-2753) / 6415 highest elevation

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View from base of Bean Peak (1313)View from base of Bean Peak (1313)


The road to the Beverly/Bean TH is in very good shape except for one fairly deep hole that our Subarau Outback easily cleared. Not sure a lower clearance vehicle without AWD could get by it.

Getting to Bean Basin is a good grunt, short distance but elevation gains all the way. Trail in excellent condition. Dry most of the way, no issues. Lovely, diverse and the creek is running strong all the way, many mini waterfalls. First water crossing required some steady rock crossing, definitely needed poles for balance. Feet will get wet so waterproof boots or water shoes will help. Gators kept water from entering over the tops of my boots.

A huge thank you to all the WTA volunteers we met along the way clearing the trails. You folks rock, you help keep our wilds accessible {heart}.

After crossing over Bean Creek at about 2 miles the sign indicates Bean Creek Tr #1391.1 continues to the east (right). Hidden to the left is Bean CreekTr 1391.2 and this is the trail that leads to the basin! No signage and we kept going for a while till we realized we were heading towards Standup to the east. Using Gaia was a tad confusing because it showed the Bean Peak summit trail. You'll see our confused Gaia track on our route :-) Green Trail map seemed the better source. We doubled back to the basin trail. Met a hiker who confirmed the right route (thank you). Adding 1391.2 to the sign would be helpful for folks who haven't been here before.

The basin is just amazing surround by several peaks (Earl, Bean ...) and the are a number of really nice campsites. Water is abundant. The meadow filled with wildflowers but not yet at peak. Snow patches here and there were melting quickly. Saw one fat marmot and there were a lot of chipmunks who will do all they can to get a taste of whatever you leave out. Hung food around trunks low on trees in Ursack which was fine. There aren't any good hanging trees with extended branches. Bugs were an annoyance at campsite, bug spray recommended.

Stayed two peaceful nights. Had the basin mostly to ourselves since we went in on a Sunday and out on Tuesday. Lots of peak bagging and ridge walking to explore.


Trail up from Bean Basin to just below Bean Peak. Not difficult to follow, a few smaller sections look for cairns. Not difficult to descend. Open and exposed. Snow-free. One tiny snow crossing, hard snow, easy. May be a little nerve wracking if afraid of heights. Insane view of Mount Stuart and the Stuart mountain range. Worth every step and breath to get there. Lucky to have a perfect weather day. One of the most beautiful views in WA.


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