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Homeless Remembrance Project is a collaborative effort of homeless women, faith community leaders, designers,
artists, social service providers and other friends who work to create places of hope, healing, and beauty to honor
and remember homeless people who’ve died in King County, Washington.
Leaves of remembrancePreparing for the ceremonyInstalling the leavesInstalling the leavesRebekah Woods 1965 - 2009Isaac Palmer 1945 - 2007Tatto Joe Gaerte 1976 - 2006Clinton Matthew Ray 1965 - 2002Major Lee Gay 1957 - 2008Robert Kotopka 1942 - 2004Melissa Davis 1976 - 2006Davina Garrison 1963 - 2005Colette Fleming 1951 - 2002Debbie Cashio 1959 - 2000Ali Daneshi'Far (Al Farr) 1956 -2009Michael Lindsay 1958 - 2009Sandra Lee Smiscon 1958 - 2003Rev. Pat Simpson leading the dedicationA small crowd gathers for the dedicationA shared moment