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Under the canopy of trees (7358)Under the canopy of trees (7357)Basalt cliffs and desert sage (6766)Basalt cliffs and waterfall (6755)Ancient Lakes high desert (6749)Snow Lake Snoqualmie (4700)Snow Lake Snoqualmie (4693)Chair Peak in snow (4686)Spider Gap and Lyman Lakes (4270, E)Camping in high desert (0182-E)Portland Japanese Garden in Spring (0113v)Tree of Greek gods (0058)Nisqually at dusk (0017)Mount Rainier sunset and moon (9117)Sunset light over mountains (9094)Mount Rainier and clouds (8994 bw)Winter's chaos in Magnuson Park (8885)Winter's chaos in Magnuson Park (8874)Chaos in nature (8727)Forest rays of light (8705)