Ilona Berzups Photography | Coulees & Scablands WA

Coulee Corridor National Scenic Byway | 100 Miles | Between Omak and Othello | On State Route 155 and State Route 17 past Grand Coulee, WA
A unique network of basalt canyons and pothole lakes, this land was shaped by the massive Ice Age Floods.

"About 15,000 years ago, in the waning millennia of the Ice Age, a vast lake known as Glacial Lake Missoula suddenly
burst through the ice dam that plugged it at one end. In the space of just 48 hours, geologists believe, the collapse
sent 500 cubic miles of water cascading across the Pacific Northwest, creating overnight such unusual landscapes
as the scablands of eastern Washington State." -- Source:
Palouse Falls (2475)Palouse Falls (2477)Palouse Falls (2476)Desert and sky (3577)Desert, sagebrush and sky (3578)Desert path through sagebrush (3579)Desert, sagebrush and basalt plateau (3598)Desert, sagebrush and basalt plateaus (3599)Desert, sagebrush and basalt plateaus (3600)Desert, sagebrush, wildflowers and basalt mesas (3601)Desert, sagebrush and basalt rock formations (3605)Colorful orange-yellow lichen-covered rock walls (3606)Colorful orange-yellow lichen-covered rock walls (3607)Basalt butte and shrub-steppe grasses (3611)Basalt mesas and caves (3613)Basalt mesas and caves (3614)Basalt mesas and caves (3615)Colorful orange-yellow lichen-covered rock walls (3606)Basalt rock formations and caves (3617)Basalt rock formations and feldspar (3618)