Ilona Berzups Photography | Eagle Cap Wilderness OR (2018)

Eagle Cap Lakes Basin Loop, Oregon
Wallowa-Whitman National Forest 7/29/18

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Ice Lake alpenglow sunrise (5691)Ice Lake alpenglow sunrise (5692)Granite and trees (5697)Granite and trees (5698)Frazier Lake campsite and granite (5699)Frazier Lake reflections (5704)Frazier Lake reflections (5705)Frazier Lake reflections (5708)Hikers on Glacier Lake trail (5717)Benson Glacier and Glacier Lake (5718)Benson Glacier and Glacier Lake (5719)Matterhorn and backpackers on trail (5734)Matterhorn views from Eagle Cap summit (5765)Matterhorn views from Eagle Cap descent (5776)