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Gifford Pinchot National Forest -- Goat Rocks Wilderness -- South Cascades -- Cowlitz Valley Ranger District (GPNF)

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Mount Adams in smoky sunset (2253)Goat Lake and hiker with dog (2217)Goat Lake partially frozen (2215)Goat Lake partially frozen (2213)Goat Rocks waterfalls (2189)Goat Rocks Cispus Basin (2152)Goat Rocks Cispus Basin (2149)Goat Rocks Wilderness (2093)Goat Rocks Wilderness (2092)Pacific Crest Trail Knife's Edge (2089)Pacific Crest Trail Knife's Edge (2083)Goat Rocks Wilderness Old Snowy (2079)Hiker and Mount Rainier view (2074)Goat Lake and Mount Rainier (2071)Hikers crossing snowfield (2067)Hikers crossing snowfield (2064)Goat Rocks and Old Snowy (2063)Goat Rocks and Old Snowy (2062)Hikers crossing snowfield (2060)Mount St Helens sunset (2053)