Ozette Triangle, S Sand Point, Cape Alva

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Ozette sunset beach walk (7622) 20210416_ILO7622Ozette sunset reflections (7623) 20210416_ILO7623Ozette sunset reflections (7624) 20210416_ILO7624Ozette sunset reflections and sea stacks (7634) 20210416_ILO7634Ozette sunset beach walk (7648) 20210416_ILO7648Abstract beach art (7660) 20210417_ILO7660Ozette low tide rock formations (7668) 20210417_ILO7668-EOzette low tide rock formations (7671) 20210417_ILO7671Abstract beach art (7675) 20210417_ILO7675Ozette sea stacks at sunset (7702) 20210417_ILO7702Ozette sea stacks at sunset (7703) 20210417_ILO7703