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Walking with Giant

One man's battle with homelessness and debilitating illness

Meet Matthew Robert Barrett, appropriately nicknamed Giant by his friends not just for his grand stature but for meeting a hard life head-on and being dubbed a big inspiration to all those who have come to know him.

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"What a beautiful work of art. You have captured the reality of what so many endure on a daily basis, it had to change you in some way. I was changed by the mere reading of it, combined with the photographs left raw emotions. I stand and applaud Matt and all those that have/are homeless. Though it may seem "we" may never experience it, I am certain many that are now homeless once thought that same thing. Combined with a life altering disability, nothing is for certain. Simply beautiful."

September 2, 2014 — RIP. Matthew R. Barrett has passed away by his own hand, on his own terms. A sad, sad day. A giant of a man who pushed through unimaginable pain and life-long struggles to become an inspiration and grounding force to so many. You are loved and will never be forgotten my dear friend. (2/8/65 - 9/2/14)
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